GARAS is a Smart Services Solutions company, which is specialized and interested in providing the necessary services for the Business development. Through our smart solutions, specialized software, websites and Mobile applications.
Based on the latest theories of business management and continuous improvement techniques


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GARAS Kids is an Educational Assistant Solution for all young children Parents, Nurseries, Preschools, and Educational centers. Responding to children’s needs and allowing them to develop social and cognitive skills in a joyful environment.


Our Mission

Is to improve the educational systems for all young children, by providing them with the necessary skills to live and to increase their ability to properly assess, and create a capable generation for self-development. And able to coexist and participate positively in his community.
Spreading awareness and faith in Quality value, and how it’s essential for any service especially for any Educational service for the young children.

Go Unique. With GARAS Kids, the first smart educational assistant system for our kids.
Affect Positively. We helping children and youth to become a productive members, affect positively in their society and adding value for world community.
React Socially Create a new generation from children who are socially responsible and effective members in their society.
Achieve your goals Children and youth must be given better opportunities for effective learning and development in order to achieve their goals.
Secure the future We investing in the future of our children by building a stimulating environment responding to their needs.


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237 Gamal Abd Al Nasser St. ,,
Miami , Alexandria .